Solid–State Drives

Your site will be significantly faster with solid–state disks

All new desktop personal computers and laptop computers boast solid–state disks and for a reason. SSDs provide faster read/write speeds, making everything noticeably faster. The same will be valid for your site in case you host it with 646hosting & Business Solutions – all our cloud web hosting machines are equipped with solid–state disks and the websites hosted with us work significantly faster compared to those hosted on classic disk drives.

And the best part is that you do not need to change, fine–tune or configure anything whatsoever in order to make it load faster.

VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web site browsing

In case, for whatever reason, you would like to conceal your electronic footmark, we have an ideal solution for you. With all our cloud web hosting plans, you will be able to acquire VPN access and have all your incoming and outgoing web traffic re–routed through one of our VPN data centers. And you can use the very same VPN settings on any gadget that’s connected to the Internet – your desktop personal computer, your laptop PC, your cellular phone, etc..


A safe web application firewall software

Safeguard all your web apps (Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.) against hack attacks thanks to ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a firewall intended to guard web applications against hack attacks. We’ve set up the firewall program in such a way as to ward off all typical site attacks momentarily. By default, ModSecurity is enabled for all hosts, but you can easily disable it for any website that you want.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with each of our plans

All our cloud web hosting plans offer scripting support. You’ll be able to use just about any PHP or Python–based web app and also make use of 3400+ Perl modules supported by each of our Linux physical machines. In addition, you will be able to work with MySQL as well as PgSQL databases and make use of the InnoDB storage engine included with every single cloud web hosting package. ImageMagick, Zend Optimizer, SSI and GD Library are also supported.

24x7 Support

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything at all. We’re at your disposal 24/7/365

Waiting for several hours to obtain a response from the client service team is really frustrating, no matter how trivial the problem is. For this reason, here, at 646hosting & Business Solutions, we offer you a one–hour response guarantee, and our tech support team members usually answer in less than 20 minutes through the ticket system located in the Online Control Panel. They are available to you 24–7.

Faster Performance

Our brand new cloud hosting platform ensures a considerably faster performance for your websites.

Network bandwidth was increased up to as much as 10 Gb/s for the sake of better connectivity and light speed web site load times. Additional hosting servers were also included in order to rationalize routine maintenance duties and to minimize service interruptions and downtimes. User accounts have been moved to SSDs, which are considerably faster and far more reliable as compared to the ordinary hard disks.

Email Manager

Your all–in–one e–mail management tool

The point–and–click Mailbox Manager will make it possible for you to set up brand new e–mail box accounts, set up custom auto–response messages, forward mail messages, set up e–mail filters and modify the levels of anti–spam protection easily. In addition, if you happen to be more skillful, you can also use the inbuilt SPF protection service.

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