Generating backups is a feature that's offered by almost all web hosting firms nowadays. That is an extremely practical feature as it's a guarantee that you will not lose critical data in the event that something happens with your sites and there are plenty of possible reasons for that - someone getting access to your account, deleting content accidentally, doing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven application, and so forth. Provided that you have a backup, the damage in any one of these scenarios is undoable, but you shall have to take action swiftly because most firms keep just one backup a day and every new one eliminates the previous one, thus a delay of 2 days means losing everything. Our progressive backup system was designed with the idea to prevent such cases and it will allow you to pick what content to restore and from which date given that you will have a huge number of backups to pick out from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Web Hosting

The backups are available with all cloud web hosting packages which we offer and they'll provide you with far more security than what other firms typically offer because they are created four times a day and we keep them for the next seven days. Our custom hosting platform will allow you to search through all backups freely through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel just as if you are browsing standard folders within your account, therefore you shall be able to view what content we have at all times. To restore a given file or folder, you only have to copy it from the backup directory to the live domain directory, which is a thing an individual without any experience can perform with a couple of mouse clicks. The timestamp of every backup folder shall tell you when it was generated, so that you can restore the exact information that you need. With this service, your sites will be secure all of the time and you'll never lose any critical information.