Despite the rise of social networks and IM, email messages continue to be the preferred way of correspondence in business relationships. They're also used by web site visitors to make contact with the administrator or for individual purposes if you need to keep some data mailed by a friend for future use. The email service is far more than just exchanging messages - it contains filters, forwarding, auto-responders, e-mail lists, etc, therefore it would be handy when you are able to manage all these things easily & intuitively. A handy application that gives you immediate access to numerous options will save you time and it will make the control over your email communication an enjoyment, not a chore. In this way, you are able to concentrate on the particular content of the e-mails, instead of losing time to perform minor system tasks via hidden menus.

Antivirus Protection Shared Hosting

The Email Manager tool that is a part of our custom Hepsia Control Panel and that is featured with our Linux cloud web hosting packages will provide you with complete control of every aspect of your e-mail communication. With just a couple of clicks you're able to do whatever you'd like, from easy tasks like creating/deleting a mailbox, forwarding e-mail messages or setting up anti-spam protection, to more advanced ones for example using mailing lists or activating SPF protection for a given domain that you host in the account. All the functions are handily located in just a single place and they're accessible through right-click context menus and quick access links with the help of a truly easy-to-work-with interface. Even if you have never had a website hosting account of yours before, you'll be able to handle your e-mails fast and comfortably. Detailed help articles as well as instructional videos that are available in the Email Manager will inform you of the most efficient technique to do every task.